New Journals!!

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I am happy to say my beautiful, 100% post consumer recycled journals are here!! They are made in the USA!! They are a great size 7.5×5.5 inches and I have 6 designs. Check them out!!

These retail for 15.00 and are 160 pages.

This weekend I will be preparing for Faeriecon next week. I can’t believe how fast this snuck up on me. I am also working on commissions and a NEW Familiar Friends painting with artist Brigid Ashwood. Busy busy!!

Tortie Angel

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With this piece completed I am caught up with Pet Portrait commissions!! I am opening up 10 slots for the holiday season. After these 10 sell out I am closed until further notice so I can complete them and paint something else for a change.

Right now I am painting a Fortuna the cat Commission (these are closed) and a Familiar Friends holiday piece with artist Brigid Ashwood. This is our third piece together but we have many more planned.

This week will be one where I catch up, then prepare for Faeriecon. It is so close now.

Angelfur and commissions

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Hi Everyone,

I didn’t paint this weekend because I had a show!

We did the Harvest Festival in Greenbelt Maryland and I want to thank all of you for coming out to see me.

I have opened my second and LAST round of pet portrait commissions for the Holiday Season! Gift Certificates will be available in limited quantities.

Here are some examples:

They are 125.00 plus shipping.

I can do any sort of wing: Angel, Fairy, Insect, bat, you name it or they can be wingless!

I also finished Angelfur!

Angelfur by Ash Evans

Tonight I am working on another kitty commission. I want to catch them up so I can do as many as I can for the holiday.

Pixie pup

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I’ve completed another painting. This one was a very special commission of an adorable dog named Franklin (I TOLD you I paint more then cats!!)

Pixie Pup by Ash Evans

I started another commission this evening as well. Another Kitty. I hope to finish it tomorrow. People keep asking how I do these so fast. Its not as easy as one would believe by the speed at which I am doing them but there is no drying time because there is no paint. There are also no complex backgrounds. And I sit here for 12-18 hours a day. Yep working that is how it gets done believe it or not! No magic button. I thought posting WIP’s in Facebook would show you my process so I will continue to do that when I remember to save the file and post.

WIP by Ash Evans

After I complete this piece I have two more commissions to do. I also have the Harvest Festival in Greenbelt Maryland on Sunday to get ready for. Oh and I kind of forgot my birthday is on Thursday but I will be working.

Anywhoo I am going to bed!!

Commissions open

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know I have some limited spaces for some pet portraits for the holidays! Makes a great gift! I can also make up a fancy gift certificate if you want to give one as a gift. I just finished this beautiful kitty this weekend! It is called Raven Wings and prints are now available on the website.

Raven Wings by Ash Evans

I want to take only a limited few for the holidays so I can get them done in a timely manner. Should I catch up I could do some more. We will see how it goes. YES I do paint more then cats! I just seem to have a lot of commission requests for them. I can do pretty much any animal you wish. See Commissions information on the website for more information.

I am also getting ready for the Harvest Festival in Greenbelt MD next Sunday! So I am pretty busy.

New art

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I have been really hard at work wrapping up a unicorn series for an upcoming project. I just finished a 4th one today. The company I am working with decided to also take and existing unicorn so that makes it so I only have to paint one more new one next week. I know exactly what I want it to be and I am going to sketch it out tomorrow while paint is drying on a mixed media piece that I will be doing. It will be a companion piece to “The Guardian” I am also thinking of ideas for a diptych that will debut at Faeriecon. Oh did I mention I am doing Faeriecon?? Well I am!! I will be there with bells on in the same location I was last year. Really excited and I will have a lot of cool new products for you as well as some oldies but goodies at discounted rates!

On to the art.

I love Halloween so I couldn’t resist to do a Fortuna Halloween piece

Hocus Pocus by Ash Evans featuring Fortuna the cat

Here is Thorn

Thorn by Ash Evans

Other then painting away I am getting ready for Faeriecon! I am going to have VERY limited Calendars and Journals at the show so do come by early!! Can’t wait to see you all at the show. I’ll post more details as it comes closer. Less then a month away now!

My Facebook Rapture

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To many of you reading this,

I am sure you are fully aware of the fact that I recently had a facebook rapture. Many of you were meant to move on to my fan page while the other poor buggers left below will have to deal with pictures of my cats with hats on and the daily smart assed sarcastic things I say. Don’t worry there is plenty to go around and it will spill over onto my fan page. Some people are mad at me right now and taking things rather personally. I can only say I am sorry if I offended you, you aren’t the only one and its not  you its me. I can explain! Really! So please god get out of the fetal position and put down the tissues. I don’t hate you, I most likely don’t even KNOW you short of a passing conversation. It all comes down to this: I never wanted to be on Facebook to begin with. I was dragged on here with much trepidation. I’m not a horrifically public person which is laughable I know considering my profession forces me into the public eye and I work harder to gain notoriety. I am sure the video blogs and public appearances throw you but really I like the quiet. It is not my soul purpose in life to entertain you, nor should I have to in order for you to like my art or want to buy it. I came on Facebook simply to sell my art. It worked beautifully and I am very grateful.  I am grateful to my new fans more then I could ever articulate here. Then I got poked, liked and begged to send people golden halibuts in Fishville. I HAD to have the highest score in Robot Unicorn Attack. I got sucked into dramas that had nothing to do with me other then guilt by association. I got tagged in photos of kittens hanging from trees and had people who couldn’t be civil to me in high school want to be my best friend. I wasted a lot of time. I wanted to run away screaming when I got shamed by a relative about how I have time to answer a facebook message but not pick up a phone. They neglected to realize I was on a mobile device. I don’t appreciate my timelines being held against me.  It has created a lot of things I don’t need.

I’m removing all the white noise from my life. I’m getting rid of negative people and baggage I can live without. I am getting rid of things and old art. I’m shedding crap I have been hanging onto both physically and emotionally that I DON’T NEED. I am happier and better for it. I WILL however have a fan page for my fans. I like hearing from all of you! I just want to do it on my terms. The fishbowl got a little too tiny. My first priority is always to you but I need to be happy and make art to make you  happy. So this is really a win/win here.

I am working on new art and new products that I am really excited about. I wake up excited to make art again and I am really inspired. It is because the noise is dimming and I can actually hear my muse talking to me again. Art is a compulsion for me. It is for most artists. I need to do it to be happy. I didn’t do it because I thought it would be rich. Don’t get me wrong I like to eat. I need money for that. We don’t live in rent free mushroom houses where food magically appears. I don’t live in a place where my unicorn requires no gasoline and my pets never get sick. So while I will say I do earn a living this way that isn’t why I started. It really was an accident.  I was never delusional or presumptuous as to think I would ever be a millionaire but I figure as long as the bills are paid and I’m happy, I’m a success.

I have had people say I work to hard and it isn’t worth it. That I am selfish and crazy for working the hours I do or the things I miss because of shows. I might be. They could be right but this is my passion and this is my choice. I am willing to give up a fair bit for it.  I have been told that I am arrogant to think I will succeed where other people have failed. Please don’t mistake confidence for arrogance. I simply want it more and I am putting myself out there to get it.

So my dearest friends and fans I am happy to be turning the page to a new chapter with all of you. I hope you can forgive me for my social networking faux pas.

Unicorn kisses


Works in Progress

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Hi Everyone,

This weekend has been a busy one for me. I have been listing stuff on ETSY that I am clearing out. I will be adding more things as I have time. Right now there is a secret coupon code to get 20% off: MISSEDDCON

Also I am super excited to announce that I will have a line of lockets coming out with Secret Scents! They will retail for 48.00 and will be available very soon.

Here is the teaser pic

Ash Evans So cute it burns Secret Scents Lockets

Scent descriptions and more details will emerge this coming week.

Also I am working on a really exciting project that I can’t really tell you guys about yet. Stay tuned for that.

I did want to have SOMETHING to show you so I did a sketch and I will be turning this into some sort of painting.

The Guardian by Ash Evans

It is shaping up to be a very busy week! Have a good one!


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Change. It happens, even if you don’t want to. It can be painful even if you do. I’ve been changing lately and thinking a lot about it and why that is. To drastically over simplify things, I am not the person I was at the time I started my career. It was six years ago. I learned things on my own, sometimes the hard way.  I’m glad I am not that person anymore. I’m glad I don’t make art like that anymore.  I didn’t dislike her by any means but if I can’t show some sort of growth by now I am clearly wasting my time. An artists success is measured by their improvement over time. A good artist develops a signature. One unique to them so that anyone could look at a piece and know it is theirs.  Change is a funny thing and people see it as many different things. It depends on what your philosophy on the subject is. Some people see me as having some sort of crisis. Who burns their art? I do. I saw it more as a liberating thing then a destructive thing. It didn’t bother me in the least. It bothered a lot of people. I tried to explain but found myself wondering why I had to justify myself. I don’t. To anyone. I am reminding myself of that as I write this post.

I am starting to see change as a river. You need to go with it. You need to stop clinging to whatever it is that is keeping you from being swept away by the current. The harder you fight it , the more you are battered by the rocks along the way.You need to just let go. Me, I like to be in control and I have been spending a lot of time being beat up by those rocks. I know this is why I am not where I am supposed to be yet. I need to surrender to the roar of the waters that are trying to take me away. I have to admit I’m a little afraid. I don’t know if you all will like my new path. I don’t know if amazing art will really come out of this or this is just a build up to a massive anticlimax. I guess only time will tell. I might not even notice that I have changed until years later like I am doing right now.

I want to make myself a better artist. I want to redo my business so that it reflects the direction I am going in. It is a positive thing. Despite the jitters I am excited about it. I have a plan. A good one. No, a great one. In the end there will be better art, better products and a better flow of things here. Change is a process. I just wish I could process quicker! Oh well, it takes as long as it takes I guess.

So, yeah, here is where I am. I hope you guys come along for the ride.

Tomorrow is business as usual. I have a new project I am excited to start. It involves cool things and a cool person. Really excited.


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I am back from DragonCon! I had an amazing show as always and I am so glad a lot of you made the time to come and see me! I am recharging my batteries and then getting started with some exciting new art. I have some things to edit for our video on the way home and then I will be posting it.

I am happy to say Unicorn Map 2 went to a happy home:

Unicorn Map 2 by Ash Evans

I am clearing out a TON of OLD inventory and even displays. I have many spinning racks and baskets that I will be posting for sale as well.  Discontinued prints and unformatted prints will also be up for grabs. To tide you over before I start posting things I am having an ETSY sale!! 20% off my entire store with the code: MISSEDDCON

I have some sketched mats that have never before been seen on here that I will also be listing in the ETSY shop. I have a LOAD of exciting things coming soon. People seem to be concerned about me making changes but I assure you this is for the better and there are AMAZING things in store for me (and you too)