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Severe weather, lightning and power surges have kept me off of my computer and tablet all day. This means that I didn't get to work on Hedgehog Hollow or a figurine design. Luckily I did two figurines yesterday so I am not behind schedule.

So today was all about sculpting! I am working on my rooster as always, he's almost finished and I can't wait to send him on his way as he already has a home.

While he is drying I am working on THREE baby phoenixes!! Ember,Smolder and Flicker will be available for adoption very soon. They will be 60.00 each plus shipping. Every individual feather is hand sculpted, the wings are hand shaped and I hand paint everything so they are all truly unique. I hope to have swarovski elements incorporated into at least one of them as well.

Tomorrow I will be back at figurine design, show prep and painting.
Its really crazy here!
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