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I am back from DragonCon! I had an amazing show as always and I am so glad a lot of you made the time to come and see me! I am recharging my batteries and then getting started with some exciting new art. I have some things to edit for our video on the way home and then I will be posting it.

I am happy to say Unicorn Map 2 went to a happy home:

Unicorn Map 2 by Ash Evans

I am clearing out a TON of OLD inventory and even displays. I have many spinning racks and baskets that I will be posting for sale as well.  Discontinued prints and unformatted prints will also be up for grabs. To tide you over before I start posting things I am having an ETSY sale!! 20% off my entire store with the code: MISSEDDCON

I have some sketched mats that have never before been seen on here that I will also be listing in the ETSY shop. I have a LOAD of exciting things coming soon. People seem to be concerned about me making changes but I assure you this is for the better and there are AMAZING things in store for me (and you too)

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