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Change. It happens, even if you don’t want to. It can be painful even if you do. I’ve been changing lately and thinking a lot about it and why that is. To drastically over simplify things, I am not the person I was at the time I started my career. It was six years ago. I learned things on my own, sometimes the hard way.  I’m glad I am not that person anymore. I’m glad I don’t make art like that anymore.  I didn’t dislike her by any means but if I can’t show some sort of growth by now I am clearly wasting my time. An artists success is measured by their improvement over time. A good artist develops a signature. One unique to them so that anyone could look at a piece and know it is theirs.  Change is a funny thing and people see it as many different things. It depends on what your philosophy on the subject is. Some people see me as having some sort of crisis. Who burns their art? I do. I saw it more as a liberating thing then a destructive thing. It didn’t bother me in the least. It bothered a lot of people. I tried to explain but found myself wondering why I had to justify myself. I don’t. To anyone. I am reminding myself of that as I write this post.

I am starting to see change as a river. You need to go with it. You need to stop clinging to whatever it is that is keeping you from being swept away by the current. The harder you fight it , the more you are battered by the rocks along the way.You need to just let go. Me, I like to be in control and I have been spending a lot of time being beat up by those rocks. I know this is why I am not where I am supposed to be yet. I need to surrender to the roar of the waters that are trying to take me away. I have to admit I’m a little afraid. I don’t know if you all will like my new path. I don’t know if amazing art will really come out of this or this is just a build up to a massive anticlimax. I guess only time will tell. I might not even notice that I have changed until years later like I am doing right now.

I want to make myself a better artist. I want to redo my business so that it reflects the direction I am going in. It is a positive thing. Despite the jitters I am excited about it. I have a plan. A good one. No, a great one. In the end there will be better art, better products and a better flow of things here. Change is a process. I just wish I could process quicker! Oh well, it takes as long as it takes I guess.

So, yeah, here is where I am. I hope you guys come along for the ride.

Tomorrow is business as usual. I have a new project I am excited to start. It involves cool things and a cool person. Really excited.

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