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Works in Progress

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Hi Everyone,

This weekend has been a busy one for me. I have been listing stuff on ETSY that I am clearing out. I will be adding more things as I have time. Right now there is a secret coupon code to get 20% off: MISSEDDCON

Also I am super excited to announce that I will have a line of lockets coming out with Secret Scents! They will retail for 48.00 and will be available very soon.

Here is the teaser pic

Ash Evans So cute it burns Secret Scents Lockets

Scent descriptions and more details will emerge this coming week.

Also I am working on a really exciting project that I can’t really tell you guys about yet. Stay tuned for that.

I did want to have SOMETHING to show you so I did a sketch and I will be turning this into some sort of painting.

The Guardian by Ash Evans

It is shaping up to be a very busy week! Have a good one!

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