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My Facebook Rapture

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To many of you reading this,

I am sure you are fully aware of the fact that I recently had a facebook rapture. Many of you were meant to move on to my fan page while the other poor buggers left below will have to deal with pictures of my cats with hats on and the daily smart assed sarcastic things I say. Don’t worry there is plenty to go around and it will spill over onto my fan page. Some people are mad at me right now and taking things rather personally. I can only say I am sorry if I offended you, you aren’t the only one and its not  you its me. I can explain! Really! So please god get out of the fetal position and put down the tissues. I don’t hate you, I most likely don’t even KNOW you short of a passing conversation. It all comes down to this: I never wanted to be on Facebook to begin with. I was dragged on here with much trepidation. I’m not a horrifically public person which is laughable I know considering my profession forces me into the public eye and I work harder to gain notoriety. I am sure the video blogs and public appearances throw you but really I like the quiet. It is not my soul purpose in life to entertain you, nor should I have to in order for you to like my art or want to buy it. I came on Facebook simply to sell my art. It worked beautifully and I am very grateful.  I am grateful to my new fans more then I could ever articulate here. Then I got poked, liked and begged to send people golden halibuts in Fishville. I HAD to have the highest score in Robot Unicorn Attack. I got sucked into dramas that had nothing to do with me other then guilt by association. I got tagged in photos of kittens hanging from trees and had people who couldn’t be civil to me in high school want to be my best friend. I wasted a lot of time. I wanted to run away screaming when I got shamed by a relative about how I have time to answer a facebook message but not pick up a phone. They neglected to realize I was on a mobile device. I don’t appreciate my timelines being held against me.  It has created a lot of things I don’t need.

I’m removing all the white noise from my life. I’m getting rid of negative people and baggage I can live without. I am getting rid of things and old art. I’m shedding crap I have been hanging onto both physically and emotionally that I DON’T NEED. I am happier and better for it. I WILL however have a fan page for my fans. I like hearing from all of you! I just want to do it on my terms. The fishbowl got a little too tiny. My first priority is always to you but I need to be happy and make art to make you  happy. So this is really a win/win here.

I am working on new art and new products that I am really excited about. I wake up excited to make art again and I am really inspired. It is because the noise is dimming and I can actually hear my muse talking to me again. Art is a compulsion for me. It is for most artists. I need to do it to be happy. I didn’t do it because I thought it would be rich. Don’t get me wrong I like to eat. I need money for that. We don’t live in rent free mushroom houses where food magically appears. I don’t live in a place where my unicorn requires no gasoline and my pets never get sick. So while I will say I do earn a living this way that isn’t why I started. It really was an accident.  I was never delusional or presumptuous as to think I would ever be a millionaire but I figure as long as the bills are paid and I’m happy, I’m a success.

I have had people say I work to hard and it isn’t worth it. That I am selfish and crazy for working the hours I do or the things I miss because of shows. I might be. They could be right but this is my passion and this is my choice. I am willing to give up a fair bit for it.  I have been told that I am arrogant to think I will succeed where other people have failed. Please don’t mistake confidence for arrogance. I simply want it more and I am putting myself out there to get it.

So my dearest friends and fans I am happy to be turning the page to a new chapter with all of you. I hope you can forgive me for my social networking faux pas.

Unicorn kisses


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