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New art

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I have been really hard at work wrapping up a unicorn series for an upcoming project. I just finished a 4th one today. The company I am working with decided to also take and existing unicorn so that makes it so I only have to paint one more new one next week. I know exactly what I want it to be and I am going to sketch it out tomorrow while paint is drying on a mixed media piece that I will be doing. It will be a companion piece to “The Guardian” I am also thinking of ideas for a diptych that will debut at Faeriecon. Oh did I mention I am doing Faeriecon?? Well I am!! I will be there with bells on in the same location I was last year. Really excited and I will have a lot of cool new products for you as well as some oldies but goodies at discounted rates!

On to the art.

I love Halloween so I couldn’t resist to do a Fortuna Halloween piece

Hocus Pocus by Ash Evans featuring Fortuna the cat

Here is Thorn

Thorn by Ash Evans

Other then painting away I am getting ready for Faeriecon! I am going to have VERY limited Calendars and Journals at the show so do come by early!! Can’t wait to see you all at the show. I’ll post more details as it comes closer. Less then a month away now!

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