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Pixie pup

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I’ve completed another painting. This one was a very special commission of an adorable dog named Franklin (I TOLD you I paint more then cats!!)

Pixie Pup by Ash Evans

I started another commission this evening as well. Another Kitty. I hope to finish it tomorrow. People keep asking how I do these so fast. Its not as easy as one would believe by the speed at which I am doing them but there is no drying time because there is no paint. There are also no complex backgrounds. And I sit here for 12-18 hours a day. Yep working that is how it gets done believe it or not! No magic button. I thought posting WIP’s in Facebook would show you my process so I will continue to do that when I remember to save the file and post.

WIP by Ash Evans

After I complete this piece I have two more commissions to do. I also have the Harvest Festival in Greenbelt Maryland on Sunday to get ready for. Oh and I kind of forgot my birthday is on Thursday but I will be working.

Anywhoo I am going to bed!!

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