DragonCon 2011

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Hi Everyone,

I am busy packing for DragonCon 2011. I am really excited to see all of you. I wanted to let you know all orders will ship on Wednesday of this week. All orders placed after that will ship upon our return September 10th. My Etsy shop is on “vacation” until we get back.

I have a purple ticket hidden in some Fortuna Merchandise for DragonCon. The winner will get one of the two remaining Fortuna the cat charms. They we well hidden so don’t go pawing through my merchandise looking for it! I there is a winner at DragonCon they will be awarded the charm on site.

I have two new pieces that are debuting at the show. Both digital and prints will be there.

Fortuna Nouveau and Spellbound will be at DragonCon.

Speaking of prints, upon my return home I am having a MASSIVE image reduction of my current product catalog. I will be discontinuing a LOT of images from both prints and licensing. I may be cutting licensors as well. I feel like as an artist I am changing and so are my needs. I am currently looking into UK distribution as I am getting a lot of inquiries about it and both Distributers I have been set to work with have petered out.

Due to some licensing developments ALL of my current figurines are being discontinued. They are all remaining in limited quantities here at the studio. I highly suggest you purchase Chessie and Fortuna the cat ASAP as they are due to run out any day now. I will have a few exciting announcements in the Statuary department very soon. Lets just say I am moving on to greener pastures and it is high time to move on.

This fall I am taking time to reassess my business plan, where I want to go and what artwork I want to make. The final outcome will most likely yield new products as well as the discontinuation of old ones. I am going to be scaling back my presence on social networking sites and all in all cutting out the crap I just don’t need or want.

I am very excited for DragonCon, it is indeed my last show of the year. A lot of you have asked but I will not be vending at Faeriecon nor will I be attending the event.

Sweet Dreams are made of these, how to keep your lofty aspirations from turing into a nightmare.

Originally published at Ash Evans Art. Please leave any comments there.

Sweet Dreams are made of these, how to keep your lofty aspirations from turing into a nightmare.

Most aspiring fantasy artists dream of the day they too get to go to DragonCon.  It is in all appearances the big dance and not going can leave you feeling like the ugly girl who didn’t get asked to prom. They dream of a time where they can quit their job, hire their spouse and live in a fairy bliss. They wish “Oh if only I was with so and so I would make it big” Before you spend thousands of dollars, solicit yourself like a lady of ill repute and rush blindly into the abyss, think before you act. Not all dreams are what they are cracked up to be. Sometimes all that glitters isn’t gold, sometimes, well its just sparkly plastic.

Success is made of small victories not one big one. People are under some misconception that the top artists today just got there overnight and woke up one day with hundreds of orders and thousands of dollars. Effortlessly. This generation for the most part is all about instant gratification. If this sounds like you prepare to be disappointed. One show or licensing deal isn’t going to make or break you. In fact only YOU can make or break you. Take responsibility for your career.  Success is like building a pyramid. You build a solid base bit by bit as you steadily climb upward. If you have an unstable foundation your whole building will crumble. Building a fan base is a process. You take it one show at a time. Start small. Start local. Learn as you go. If you book an enormous show and no one knows who you are unless you are completely outstanding you are going to get swallowed up by the chaos.

Don’t even book a show unless you have a minimum of 24 images. 5 is unacceptable. You look bush league with a folding table with no cloth and five pieces of paper on it. At least put stuff in a portfolio, or a binder.  At a show you are playing on averages. The more images you have the more the likelihood lots of people will buy from you statistically increases. As you grow diversify, have different products in different price ranges to meet every budget. Dare to be different. Having a distinctive style is a hallmark of a professional. Be as professional as you can afford to be. Cover tables with cloths and have items displayed as nicely as you can. Try to get matching things, if not your booth will look like a yard sale. Your displays and coverings should show off your merchandise not compete with it.

Don’t be a lemming. It never ends well for them you know. Just because “all the other fantasy artists are doing it” doesn’t mean you have to. I mean really reading what I just wrote don’t you feel a little bit like a 5 year old? It actually comes out of peoples mouths, adult, professional people. Grow up! Get over it! Be unique because if you look like the rest of the pack you’ll blend in. Do you really want to be a pale imitation of a working artist today? Originality and diversity is one of the things that is going to set you apart in an already flooded market. The market is flooded be advised that this is going to be a tough business to break into.

Start small. Live within your means. Don’t book a convention you can barely afford, coast there on fumes and count on what you make at the show to see you through. This is a recipe for a disaster. What if you don’t do well? What if there is an accident, natural disaster or show cancellation? I have seen artists crying on the curb not knowing how they were going to get home because they didn’t have any money. Don’t let this happen to you. It is completely unacceptable and unprofessional. Don’t order product you don’t have money for or spend money you need back right away. A product could sit around forever. Personally I buy everything assuming that it will never sell.  Sure it sounds a bit pessimistic but hey I never count on seeing that money again and am pleasantly surprised when I do get it back. This business when you are first getting started is feast or famine. You need to budget and save in good times and be frugal in the bad ones. If you are wanting to do a big order for something, offer to do a pre order to gage its popularity. If you can’t pre sell 50% don’t do it. Don’t SPEND the pre order money! You may have to refund it.

Licensing! Everyone wants licensing. They want to know how to get it like that is the key to the kingdom. Sure it is exposure and your art is on STUFF! Let me tell you something, It is fun and exciting but you don’t NEED licensing to have a successful career. It helps. Royalties are nice but that isn’t THE thing that is going to make you a star. You are going to make you a star. Your talent, your hard work and sacrifice.  Even if you have licensing it doesn’t skyrocket you to superstardom. Companies, especially today are making cut backs, not opening up to “risky” new artists or projects and some are closing their doors for good. Licensing was they way to do it back when the economy was strong and booming. You have to adapt. Its Darwinism in this business baby. Adapt or die. Focus on your ART. Your art is what gets you these deals. Don’t want too much too fast, you may not deserve it yet.

Do your own research on products, shows and licensing. Emailing an artist and just saying gimmie!!! is only going to make you look unprofessional. No one will take you seriously. People who don’t take you seriously won’t make an investment in you. Your art is an investment and you are asking fans, companies and shows to “bank” on you. What is your art worth? I like to think you should price your art according to other artists in your skill set with your experience level. Don’t just quit your job one day because you want to paint unicorns. Your art has to be able to support you and sustain itself before you can quit. Transitioning from a job to the biz is a slow taper not an abrupt chop. You start to cut back hours and then eventually leave. It wouldn’t be wise to burn any bridges on your way out either, you never know you may need to go back one day. People fantasize about hiring their spouse or boyfriend to be their assistant. That just isn’t a viable option to a lot of people. Do you work well together? Can you support yourself and them on what you make? Even in a recession? Even if sales dip? Even if you have to pay for health insurance? Can your relationship sustain the strain this industry will apply to it? This business isn’t all the fairy glamor you see at shows. It is hard work, it can be very stressful at times. I know I can snap at my husband when he is working with me. Is it something they are even interested in? Don’t get caught up in the romance, see the reality. The more “real” and grounded you are with this the better off you are going to be.

Dreams are what make us strive to be the best we are. They help us hope, aspire and grow. Some dreams will change your life for better or worse. They can come true or not. Some dreams aren’t meant to exist in the light of day. Only you can decide what is right for you. I just ask you kindly before you go charging dragons to take a second glance and make sure it isn’t just another windmill.

Purple Ticket giveaway!!!

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Love this Fat Uni charm by Oborocharms?? I do too that is why I am keeping one for myself! This leaves ONE Fat Uni for one lucky customer. How do you win it?? Well let me tell you. Remember Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory? I love that movie!! So I have designed a purple ticket and had Johnnie HIDE it in one of the items we sell. It could be anything! It could be going to DragonCon with us or it could be in a web order so be sure to check your purchase items starting today! There is only one winner and we will let you know as soon as the winner contacts us.

To enter, Just buy stuff here: http://www.ashevans.com

Or check us out at DragonCon Atlanta

Good Luck Everyone!!

DragonCon 2011 information

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We are less then 2 weeks away from the show and I wanted to provide you all with information about the show for those attending. Firstly we will be in the DEALER ROOM at the Atlanta Mariott Marquis. It is on the ground floor, you can’t miss it.

Map to my booth which is F 37 just like LAST year for those who went.

The Dealer hours are as follows:

September  2 – 5, 2011

Friday : 1 PM 7 PM

Saturday: 10 AM 7 PM

Sunday: 10 AM  7 PM

Monday:10 AM 5 PM

We take VISA, MASTERCARD and CASH. We no longer take personal checks. Your credit card will be processed onsite at time of purchase.

We will have a few originals on hand for purchase as well as, prints in several sizes, Sketched matted framed pictures. Several types of jewelry including the new acrylic charms, greeting cards, Mugs and Figurines. We bring a limited number of everything due to size restrictions of our van. Please come early if you are intending on purchasing a one of a kind item. Calendars will NOT be in stock at the show, they are available at lulu press. Ash will be there all 4 days to sign items that you either bring or purchase at the show. She will also pose for photographs all 4 days. If there is a line please limited items to be signed to 3. You can always get in the back of the line if you want something else signed. If there isn’t a line don’t worry about it, we are just instructed to keep the aisle way clear.

If you are placing a pre order for pickup we take credit card and paypal. Pre orders for pick up at the show need to be placed NO LATER then August 28th. Please email your order to ash@ashevans.com subject line DragonCon pickup. You will then have the option to pay at time of order or at the show.

Due to us being out of town orders placed later then August 28th will be delayed until our return September 7th. Customer service will be unavailable during those dates.

Can’t wait to see all of you!!

White Knight Mints

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Hi Everyone!

I have been painting as much as I can trying to get ready for DragonCon. I want to be sure that I have plenty of new things to offer you guys. I can’t wait to get there and see all of my wonderful fans.

White Knight Mints:

White Knight Mints by Ash Evans

I have two other pieces I recently finished. Dragon Draft beer and Rose Petals which is a unicorn piece. I still have a few pieces up my sleeve and hoping to have them for the show.

Well I better get back to it! I’ve been painting so much I have been doing it in front of the TV watching Mad Men. Love that show.

More charms and low inventory notice

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Hi Everyone,

We are really low on Fat Uni Earrings and Mowhawk Uni Earrings. They have been reordered BUT it will take about a month for them to get back in stock and I don’t know if they will make it to DragonCon. Please purchase a pair if you have been meaning to now. I don’t want anyone to be sad if they go out of stock.

Because I had to reorder them I thought I would throw three new designs into the mix as well so here they are:

Creepers the Purrsnickety by Ash Evans

Ferret Charm

Ferret charm design by Ash Evans

Fortuna Charm by Ash Evans

I am GLAD to say I am finished the wedding invitation design. My commissions are caught up and now I can finish the Fortuna the Cat 2012 calendar and continue with convention preparations. Fortuna’s theme next year will be the zodiac and will feature elements from both the Eastern Horoscopes and the Western ones. Purrosopes will debut later in the year.

Well I need to get back to work!!

New charm designs

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Ash Evans Bunny Charm

Due to the popularity of my acrylic charms I’m designing some new ones to hopefully have at DragonCon. There will be 5 designs in this set. We are running really low on Unicorn Charms right now so please grab them while you can. If they sell out I might be persuaded to order more.

Ash Evans Fortuna charm

Narwhal Charm by Ash Evans

Pegasus charm by Ash Evans

Seahorse Charm by Ash Evans

I have some other things planned but putting these pieces together is SO time consuming!!

New acrylic earrings!!

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I spent all day making these for DragonCon but I wanted to share them with you now.

They are 12.00 each plus shipping. They are in the jewelry section so be sure to check them out. The necklaces are almost completely bagged. Still playing catch up and getting ready for the show.

I want to let you know that I am making my personal facebook profile PRIVATE and culling my friends. Sorry I have had some serious issues with it and while my gut tells me to leave entirely I am maintaining a fan page. Please make the switch. I am deleting friends here and there as I have time.


Originally published at Ash Evans Art. Please leave any comments there.

Today I finished up my pet portrait commission:

Lilac by Ash Evans

Still plugging away on the wedding invite:

Custom wedding invite by Ash Evans

Really want to finish this NOW its making me dream about it!! I just want it to be perfect.

Fortuna Design

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Hi Everyone,

Still busy working. I have finished a design for a product that will be coming out in the future. I can’t say what it is right now but I wanted to share the design with you. This image will be exclusive to the design.

Also on my plate today is a Fortuna calendar image and a wedding invite sketch. I need to recalibrate my Cintiq because colors are really off so that might take some time.

Tonight I am going to the midnight showing of the final Harry Potter movie!!! Really excited.