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Ash Evans Art

Painting things with horns, fur and wings

20 October
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Ash's Bio
Ash Evans is a weaver of whimsy hailing from Baltimore Maryland. She resides there with her husband and menagerie of pets. Her avid love for animals and fantasy seem to compliment each other well. Her use of color, unusual choices of subjects and mediums set her apart from the rest of the fantasy pack. Ash’s most popular creations to date are the adorably wicked Purrsnicketys, her magical dragon cats. Ash plans on expanding that vision into a graphic novel.

Ash began her fantasy career quite by mistake painting a dragon for a friend, which she enjoyed it so much she continued to paint fantasy themed pieces. In 2005 she sold her first art piece and from there launched her first website and hosted her own first art show. Startled by her success Ash continued to expand her portfolio and started selling at local shows. In 2006 Ash began to market her artwork full time and Phoenixx Fire Studios was born. Today Ash’s work graces prints and products through out the United States and Europe.

Ash works primarily with oil paint, though she enjoys other mediums such as: colored pencil, watercolor, pastels, sculpture, digital painting and photography. Her main passion is fantasy art, especially dragons and unicorns. She accepts free-lance works on a limited basis, such as, custom paintings, animal portraits and illustrations. She also works very closely with various animal charities and is always willing to give back for a good cause. “Animals give me so much joy and inspiration I am ever willing to do what I can to give back to creatures in need.”

Ash sadly is an art school drop out, so she is mostly self-taught. Her influences include a wide range from Tim Burton, Brian Froud, Jessica Galbreth and good friend and mentor Brigid Ashwood. She has an amazing wealth of fantasy art friends who support, spur and influence her on a daily basis. Ash tries to find inspiration in every day things and her pets are an enormous part of that. Ash is also a musician and singer who likes to use that as another creative outlet.

Ash is working hard to make her star climb higher. There are a lot of plans on the horizon to expand her business and bring you more magical creations. She is very grateful to her husband, friends, fans and family who have supported her work all of these years. She hopes to become a widely published fantasy artist and make the world a more magical place one unicorn at a time.

“All I can say is that I am very lucky to have stumbled into such a charmed life. Some people sit around wishing for the fairy tale, I decided to paint my own. I hope I am around to enchant people for many years to come.”- Ash